I help you deal with the stress and overwhelm from work and home so you can stay focused, use your strengths and make big things happen. Deep down, you’ll feel confident that, “You’ve got this!”

Can I Have a Successful Career and the Life of My Dreams?


Now you’re frustrated with … Working longer hours to fulfill the job demands with minimal satisfaction…and wanting a trusted ear so you can think about your next steps… The blurring of boundaries between work and the rest of your life…missing the family celebration again … All the new learning and hard work since you started a new business and while it’s exciting, being an entrepreneur is overwhelming and your head is spinning…

And there’s HOPE because … Regardless of where you are in your business, there’s a map to success with your name on top. Facing your challenges will bring new energy and momentum that’s needed to grow your business. It feels great to tweak the kinks in your productivity so you can spend more time with your family. You’re committed to the life of your dreams and willing to learn.

Here’s where I come in … For over 30 years as a behavioral health specialist I’ve helped clients overcome the many challenges (both internal and external) that arise along the journey to successful adaptation to needed change and crisis, which often precedes growth. Between skill-set and manner, I have the ability to immerse myself in a difficult situation and prove myself valuable.

Let’s have a I’ve Got This! Strategy Session and get started on your vision.

Success Stories

After 21 years as a full-time pastor I found myself in 100% commission sales feeling disoriented and frustrated. Mary helped me create and utilize tools to reorient to my new world and find ways to appreciate, enjoy and excel in it.

What helped me most was a process Mary facilitated for finding a way to define what I was experiencing (feeling “stuck”). I explored what feeling “stuck” looked like and the beliefs about myself and my situation. I described what would be present if I wasn’t stuck.   At the same time I was assessing both the truth and falsehood of my situation and exploring ways to break out of it.

Mary helped me to chart a new course which led through success in sales to a new season of ministry which is my passion.

~Matt S.

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